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Q-Roll Golf’s Radius Face Technology™ Putters are the exciting result of an extensive research and development project. Our patented putters are designed to strike the golf ball above its equator, producing immediate top-spin and a true, forward role for improved control and accuracy. Q-Roll putters automatically deliver a “true roll” that leading Tour Professionals practice for hours to achieve. Players of all abilities will sink more putts in fewer strokes with Q-Roll putters.

Q-Roll Classics and Celebration Putters

Q-Roll Classics™ Putters... Considering the demands of modern greens, we went back in history in order to make a strong present-day statement with the Q-Roll Classics Collection. We chose four of the most popular and familiar putter designs of the past, and improved their performance by replacing their skid-producing lofted faces with our roll-producing patented Radius Face Technology™ (RFT™). The Difference is in The Roll™. Each Q-Roll Classic putter is milled from a high-quality brass/nickel alloy, with the finish preserved for long lasting eye appeal.

Q-Roll Classic IFW putter
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Classic I fw

Forward press hosel, perimeter weighted.
Q-Roll Classic III putter
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Classic III

Face-balanced mallet with perimeter weighting.
Q-Roll Classic IV putter
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Classic IV

Face-balanced mallet with double-bend shaft.

Golfing Magazine's 2007 PGA “Best of Show” Award

Q-Roll Classic VI putter
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Classic VI

Heel shaft with flange blade.

Q-Roll Classic models III and IV feature double-bend shafts and are face-balanced. Models 1FW and VI feature straight shafts. All models are available in lengths of 33, 34, and 35 inches. Two Classics models, the Classic 1FW and Classic III are also available in left hand versions. All Classic putters feature Winn AVS grips that promote a confident and smooth stroke through their unparalleled feel.

Q-Roll Celebration™ Putters... We then moved to the future with two large mallet designs calculated to offer the golfer the best of two worlds — our patented Radius Face Technology affords any golfer, of any ability, a roll that until now only top golf professionals and amateurs have been able to develop through years of practice, and an advanced alignment configuration of “bars” and “waves” that makes direction finding a simple task. Both Celebration putters are milled from 6061 Aluminum.

Q-Roll Wave putter

Celebration Wave

100% milled 6061 aluminum large mallet with alignment waves
Q-Roll Monarch putter

Celebration Monarch

100% milled 6061 aluminum large mallet with alignment bars

Q-Roll Celebration putters feature a single-bend shaft, are face balanced, and are available in lengths of 33, 34, and 35 inches in both right and left handed versions. Standard color for the Celebration putters is black with polished aluminum highlights. Both the Monarch and the Wave are available in a spectrum of colors with logo inserts upon special order.

A simple lesson from the game of Pool illustrates why Q-Roll Radius Face putters excel when compared to other putters. For an animated demonstration check out the Q-Roll Advantage.
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